The Return of the Beach Cruiser

Nothing quite says summer to most folks than a day at the beach. But if you are an active sort who loves to see more of the beach than your square footage of beach towel, then hopping on a bike may be the answer. Not just any bike will do, if you want to cruise the beach in style it needs to be a beach cruiser!

Lots of Fun

Unlike other bikes designed for racing or mountain biking, cruiser bikes are just plain fun.

Very Stylish

You won't find any bike more stylish than a beach cruiser with more available colors and features.

Comfortable Ride

The whole design of a cruiser bike is centered around comfort with an upright sitting position.


Biking Through Memories

The recent popularity of beach cruisers is part nostalgia and part ecology. After all, if you want to show you care about the beach and the ocean, what better way to say it then with a people-powered mode of transportation? Memories of childhoods spent cruising the beach may also play a reason for the sudden rise in popularity of this simple biking style.

Beauty On Wheels

Another obvious popularity driver is today’s new style of beach cruiser, with eye-candy paint jobs and pretty little baskets in front. Many sport streamers from the handles just like we had as a kid. When cruising slowly down the beach with your girlfriends, what every young woman wants is a pretty bike. Nothing quite says pretty like these new stylish beach cruisers meant for showing off.

Taking It Easy

Of course, with most of these beach bike beauties, designed to cruise along in just one speed, you can't be in a hurry when you're out riding one of them. That’s perfectly fine with most lovers of the beach cruiser bike since it is all about spending time on the beach and taking it all in while riding along at a leisurely pace. The fun you'll have on a cruiser bike is addicting.

So whether you are looking for a smart way to cruise the beach or just a simple but fun workout while spending time at the beach, a beach cruiser has you covered. Beach cruisers are the perfect beach getaway bike.